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Twin Cities 2012, March 24-25

Cancer Legal Line

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We provide and coordinate pro bono legal services to Minnesota cancer patients and survivors at a vulnerable time in their lives. We provide a valuable way for attorneys to offer volunteer legal services to those in need in the cancer community.

Cancer patients contact us through our website or by phone with questions about leave from employment during treatment, estate planning (especially making guardianship provisions for children), medical insurance coverage for cancer treatment and a myriad of other legal issues which arise during and after a cancer diagnosis. We help them by offering information on our website or by phone and by providing referrals to volunteer attorneys.

We recently received a grant from the Minnesota Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure to provide direct services in the way of wills and health care directives to income eligible breast cancer patients and survivors.

What new functionality we are looking for

Interactive forum for clients to contact us. A log in for volunteers to obtain information. One that we as non teckies can add and change content. Allow nurses, doctors, social workers, clients and others a way to find legal information and resources and a simple way for them

to request a workshop, presentation or material.

How the new functionality will help

We hope that a new website will provide Cancer Legal Line greater exposure to Minnesotans who are dealing with cancer and to those who

want to assist them. We believe making it more user friendly will help cancer patients to locate information in an easy, stress free way when they are in a vulnerable emotional and physical state.

We also believe that a new website will help us provide more up to date information on a regular and continuous basis.

How our organization will use the technology

Who will use the technology

Before & After Snapshots

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28 Messages from Supporters

2012-01-24 19:35:59 UTC
Joel Greenwald MD

As a board member of Cancer Legal Line I’m writing in support of our application for a pro bono website redesign.

Cancer Legal Line is a relatively young organization having been in existence for @ four years.

In that time we have come a long way and have helped hundreds of folks battling cancer with legal challenges including employment issues, disability claims, estate planning, etc.

2011 was a watershed year for us in that we received significant grants from the Komen and Bremer foundations which are allowing us to ramp up our services to cancer patients in Minnesota.

A website redesign will help us move forward in expanding our mission and serving more cancer patients and their families.

Please award Cancer Legal Line a pro bono website redesign.

Thank you.

Joel Greenwald MD FACP

2012-01-24 21:58:32 UTC
Cati Stone

Picking Cancer Legal Line (CALL) for a website redesign is a no-brainer! CALL is an amazing organization lead by talented individuals, and the work performed by CALL every day allows cancer patients to focus on what is most important – getting better! A new and improved website will undoubtedly allow CALL to provide greater service to the Minnesota cancer community. (Doesn’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy? If so, pick CALL!)

2012-01-25 21:18:54 UTC
Anne Cotter

Cancer Legal Line (CALL) provides Minnesota cancer patients and their families with valuable information and resources through its website. It is, in many instances, the way cancer patients first interact with our organization. As the current Chair of CALL's Board of Directors, I can attest to the fact that CALL is doing great things for the Minnesota cancer community every day, and that CALL is accomplishing those feats on a tight budget. A free website redesign would allow CALL to connect more effectively with its clients and others stricken with cancer. One of our goals for 2012 is outreach - reaching out and connecting with more cancer patients and their families who need our services. A better website would surely help us in that endeavor! Thank you for your consideration. Anne Cotter

2012-01-26 19:06:43 UTC
Lindy Yokanovich

As the founder of Cancer Legal Line, I know first-hand how much a new and improved website would mean to our organization and ultimately the clients we serve. The legal needs our clients face are often overwhelming: fear of job loss/discrimination, uncertainty as to how to access/apply for disability benefits, the need to draft estate planning documents, questions about bankruptcy, and dealing with an insurance coverage denials. We regularly hear from clients that access to the trustworthy and reliable information we provide via our website made all the difference and encouraged them to reach out to us for additional help. By enhancing our web presence, more cancer survivors will be helped at a vulnerable time in their lives. Thank you so much for your consideration and for making this wonderful opportunity available. Lindy Yokanovich.

2012-01-27 02:04:51 UTC
Suzanne Todnem

Cancer Legal Line is a unique organization in the Twin Cities in that it is the only non-profit resource to provide legal assistance to people with cancer. It better enables these people to focus on what they really need to focus on: recovery.

The dedication of the board and the staff attorney is tremendous but nothing compared to that of the Executive Director. She has altered her life around making Cancer Legal Line a success. With great drive perseverance, optimism, impeccable hard work, and so much heart and humility, CaLL's Executive Director, with 110% support of her board, will recognize the amazing opportunity a professional web site design offers and run with it. CaLL will truly appreciate this opportunity and use it to its fullest potentional.

The kind of comfort that CaLL's services provide is indescribable. It's a kind of comfort that its clients can't find somewhere else. And with a new and improved web site, CaLL can reach more of the people who need that comfort at a difficult time in their lives. Thank you for considering Cancer Legal Line.

2012-01-27 13:33:02 UTC
Tracey Baubie

As a practicing attorney and someone who has seen the day-to-day life challenges of a family member battling the physical and emotional toll of cancer, I can truly appreciate the need for an organization like Cancer Legal Line (“CALL”). No one should have to simultaneously battle cancer and face legal challenges without sufficient resources. But in this imperfect world, sometimes people are forced to do just that. Thanks to CALL, they need not go it alone. CALL has helped hundreds of cancer patients and survivors resolve their legal issues, guided by competent legal counsel. Every dollar CALL saves on re-designing an interactive and effective website is a dollar that will help it to better service those in the cancer community in need.

2012-01-28 23:18:11 UTC
Anika Yokanovich

Cancer Legal Line (CALL) is one of those non-profit organizations that you wish never had to exist, but the awful truth is this organization is necessary now and becoming increasingly so as more and more Minnesotans are diagnosed with cancer. When a diagnosis of cancer is discovered, it is an extremely emotional and scary time for so many reasons. Having CALL is critical. While it doesn't erase the diagnosis or cure the cancer, the peace of mind many people get from the assistance navigating the difficult legal challenges a cancer diagnosis presents, is priceless!. With an enhanced website, the accessibility for assistance would increase. Please consider Cancer Legal Line for the improved web design.

2012-01-30 05:13:13 UTC
Linda Hirsh

As a cancer survivor, I can attest to the mental and physical battle one goes through fighting to beat this disease. It takes so much energy, that there just isn’t any left to work on the other issues, job security, disability, etc. The services that are offered by Cancer Legal Line and the caring staff that provides them, allows us to concentrate on getting well. It takes a big weight off our shoulders to know there is an organization dedicated to helping us survive cancer on this level. A updated website for CALL would undoubtedly allow more patients and their families to find the peace of mind they are so desperately looking for. The pro bono services, information and educational materials provided by CALL are invaluable. Thank you for considering CALL for this opportunity.

2012-01-31 03:09:21 UTC
Grateful Volunteer

This is an absolutely wonderful organization that has helped many people and can help even more with an updated website. Please choose Cancer Legal Line.

2012-01-31 16:00:07 UTC
Paul Yokanovich

The passion, dedication, and energy of this organization is unique and impressive. When tears of joy are shed (by both the staff, the volunteers, and the clients) when another person is helped by Cancer Legal Line’s services, I have hope for the world. I wholeheartedly endorse Cancer Legal Line as worthy of your website services donation.

2012-01-31 21:42:24 UTC
Anne Hansen Gathje

Cancer Legal Line is a phenomenal organization that does so much to help cancer survivors and their families deal with the legal stressors surrounding cancer. At a time when everything seems like a confusing, miserable disaster, CALL brings information and hope. Anything done to improve the website will ultimately improve the lives of many women, men and children here in MN. Please consider CALL for this project.

2012-02-01 15:24:37 UTC
Pam Wandzel

As the pro bono manager at Fredrikson & Byron, I have had the privilege of working with Cancer Legal Line for a number of years. Our lawyers help CLL's low-income clients by taking care of some very personal, and oftentimes, difficult decisions on end-of-life choices through the preparation of wills, Power of Attorney forms and Health Care Directives. Many people who have received a diagnosis of cancer are overwhelmed with the issues they suddenly have to deal with - employment rights, insurance coverage (or not), discrimination, etc. They retreat to the great, vast Internet, and often come to CLL through a search. The website offers many resources, but, frankly, it could use some help. The website could, and should, do more by being a resource not only for potential clients, but doctors and other support providers. With the Nerdery's help, it can continue to support and connect people facing cancer with needed resources and links to assistance that can help bring peace to a frightening time in their lives. I hope you consider helping them help others.

2012-02-01 18:21:21 UTC
Anonymous Attorney Volunteer

As an attorney who handled a pro bono insurance case that was referred to me from Cancer Legal Line, I have been so impressed by the dedication and commitment of CLL to the people it serves. CLL does everything in its power to provide some calm to people who are experiencing a great crisis in their lives. They do it professionally and with great sensitivity. I consider CLL as the local equivalent of Wikipedia for those who have been diagnosed with cancer and need legal counsel. An effective website will provide a great service to patients and their families. Our community needs to support CLL in any way possible, including funding a new and improved website.

2012-02-01 19:51:40 UTC
Carrie Vieceli

As a cancer survivor, I know firsthand that the ease of access to resource organizations online and the usability of their websites makes all the difference. Cancer Legal Line (CALL) provides truly indispensable legal support to cancer survivors and their families during the most overwhelming, confusing, and difficult time in their lives. Having The Nerdery's website design talent and expertise would help cancer survivor's connect with these critical services in the most user-friendly and efficient way. The Nerdery has an amazing opportunity to directly improve the lives of cancer survivors and their families by joining forces with CALL. I am hopeful that CALL will be chosen as the winner of your challenge! Most sincerely, Carrie Vieceli

2012-02-03 15:45:28 UTC
Fay Fishman, attorney

Cancer Legal Line is a unique organization which helps people at their most vulnerable-when facing the life threatening diagnosis of cancer. At a time when a patient should be focusing on their health and treatment, they are often faced with stresses such as losing their job, health insurance and even their home due to the financial and legal pressures which unfortunately can accompany the diagnosis. I have witnessed Cancer Legal Line remove this stress from people’s lives by providing them with the assistance they need, so they can focus on recovery. There is no other organization as deserving as Cancer Legal Line. This website redesign will enhance a cancer patient’s ability to understand what they are facing, and get the help they need.

2012-02-03 16:51:03 UTC
Kathleen Gavin, Executive Director, Minnesota Ovarian Cancer Alliance

Cancer Legal Line is a phenomenal resource for cancer patients and their family members.I would love to see them get this pro bono support so that more of the highly skilled and dedicated CALL staff and volunteers can spend their time, energy and resources on what they do best-help people affected by cancer untangle stressful legal issues, so they can focus on healing. By helping CALL you will be helping all Minnesota cancer patients and their families. Please choose CALL!

2012-02-09 20:24:45 UTC
J. Lindsay Flint

As the Director of Legal Services for Cancer Legal Line, I can't overstate the importance of our website in the work we do here. We receive email questions and calls from cancer patients and their family members. We may then refer them to volunteer attorneys or other support services and sometimes we refer them back to resources on our website. By redesigning our website, we will be able to provide easy to access information and resources to Minnesotan's with cancer at a time when not much is easy in their lives. Thank you for considering Cancer Legal Line for this web challenge.

2012-02-14 15:23:03 UTC
Holly Garland Langworthy

As a supporter of Cancer Legal Line, I continue to be amazed at how a little start-up non-profit can do so much good for so many lives. If ever there were a fairy godmother in a time of need, it's Cancer Legal Line. Almost all of our lives have been touched by a friend or loved one with cancer. With the Nerdery's help of designing a user-friendly, dynamic website, many more legal burdens and worrys can be dealt with so that more focus can go to the cancer vicitm's health concerns. Take the leap with the Cancer Legal Line website and be the Super Heroes you were always destined to be!

2012-02-14 20:03:08 UTC
Shauna Kieffer

The Cancer Legal Line provides needed legal resources for cancer patients. I handled a will for a man who got cancer from agent organge posioning in Vietnam. He was incredibly thankful for free legal resources.
Cancer is a devastating disease. The last thing someone caring for a cancer patient needs is to worry about health care directives or the Family Medical Leave Act.
With a new website, there will be greater access to this wonderful organization for those who need it.

2012-02-22 16:08:58 UTC
Emma Case

As a form Cancer Legal Line intern, I helped Lindy create content for the website. In addition to all of the wonderful work that Cancer Legal Line does for individuals, directly and through referrals, the website is an amazing asset to families, patients, and community members seeking information about the vast array of legal issues that arise when someone faces cancer. A new and improved website would make the information more accessible and visible, and reach an even wider audience. Thanks for considering such a worthy organization for this wonderful opportunity.

2012-02-23 18:04:27 UTC
Monica in Minneapolis

As a young cancer survivor, I have benefitted from this non-profit. I have learned a great deal about my rights and how to protect them moving forward from Cancer Legal Line. I am impressed by their professionalism and ability to educate a patient with no previous legal knowledge. Many cancer survivors would need the important services they provide but might feel too intimidated or overwhelmed to call or write for their help. Therefore having the best website possible would increase patient ability to get the needed information. Please consider Cancer Legal Line for your Overnight Website Challenge.

2012-02-23 18:16:44 UTC

Cancer Legal Line has assisted me in understanding and communicating my ability and disability with my Stage IV Cancer therapies and my Long Term Disability Provider. These policies are very confusing and I don't want to mess up the communication with the insurance provider. Cancer Legal line has put me in touch with the right counsel and calmed my nerves with communication. Thank you so much.

2012-02-23 20:12:28 UTC

I am a Hospice Social Worker. My fellow Social Workers and I often refer patients to the Cancer Legal Line, where patients can access individual help and obtain information about the particular legal or financial issue they are struggling with. The Cancer Legal Line is a helpful resource for many of our patients and their families who are fighting cancer and at the same time struggling to resolve their affairs before the cancer takes their life. Having a clear and informational website available is priceless.

2012-02-23 22:47:17 UTC

At a time when people need to focus on their own health and well-being they are also vulnerable to legal issues. I am grateful for Cancer Legal Line and the information they share with cancer survivors. It's truly empowering to have them on your side! But with a newly revamped website they could achieve so much more! Please choose Cancer Legal Line for the free website makeover!!!

2012-02-24 14:37:54 UTC
Colleen Walsh

A year ago, my fiance Pat received a letter no one dealing with cancer wants to get, denial of coverage of a bone marrow transplant, even though he had good health insurance. At a time when our focus should have been in getting the cancer in remission, we spend many a day and night worrying about how we would pay for a transplant. We learned of Cancer Legal Line from a relative. I gave Lindy a call, she was supportive in so many ways and on so many levels. She assured me we would have a pro bono lawyer, if we should need one. This allowed us to put that worry out of our minds, true peace of mind, so we could focus our energy back on getting well. The cancer did not go into remission and we did not get to a transplant but to the end of Pat's life, we were grateful to have had Cancer Legal Line in our corner. Their compassion and commitment is outstanding and should be rewarded with a new website, to enhance the experience for those they help and serve.

2012-02-24 15:03:27 UTC

Cancer Legal Line is a great organization and resource for people impacted by cancer!

2012-02-24 18:20:21 UTC
Stephanie Albert

A cancer diagnoses is life-changing and the weight of the changes and new stressors often overwhelming. In this age of instant information via the internet and other social media, it is critical to provide accurate, reliable and immediately useful information and resources to cancer patients and their caregivers. Cancer Legal Line does just this and a new website will ensure Cancer Legal Line can continue to do so even more effectively. So, PICK CANCER LEGAL LINE and lend a hand to the efforts of this very worthy organization!

2012-02-25 16:17:42 UTC

Over thirty years ago, while still a teenager, I received a diagnosis of cancer. It was a painful and stressful time for me as I endured multiple diagnostic surgeries (since diagnostic imaging was not yet available), cobalt radiation treatments, and chemotherapy all while attending college since dropping out would have meant I would lose my health insurance. Fortunately these state of the art medical treatments saved my life and put me into remission which I will always be grateful for. Up until a few years ago I enjoyed relatively good health but then started to experience late effects (some of them life threatening)from my successful cancer treatments. This is a bittersweet time in my life as I experience an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the second chance at life I have been given while also coping with multiple chronic health conditions from my late effects. As my late effects continue to become more complicated, so does the relationship with my employer who provides me health insurance. Once again I find myself living in fear that I will lose my health insurance if I lose my job. Thankfully the Cancer Legal Line has been able to help me communicate with my employer and continues to help me navigate through difficult employment issues. Their advice as well as their support continues to play an important role in my cancer survivorship. The type of specialized support and services they offer is so important for cancer survivors and I am hoping that the Nerdery will select the Cancer Legal Line for the Overnight Website Challenge since your “desire to do good works for the greater good” will have a powerful impact on cancer survivors in their hour of need.

Our Mission

Cancer Legal Line's mission is to alleviate the non-medical stressors faced by cancer patients and their loved ones by educating and providing them with cancer related legal information, resources and referrals. By educating, informing and empowering cancer patients and their families of their rights and the laws that pertain to them, they may better advocate for themselves from a position of strength and knowledge. By doing so, they may focus their energies on healing rather than an endless loop of "what if" and worry.