The Nerdery - Overnight Website Challenge

Twin Cities 2012, March 24-25

Sleep-Deprivation Research Team #4

There are many who suffer from the terrible scourge of insomnia: Doctors, lawyers, milkmaids, even traffic cops. This insidious disease claims the lives of many each year, leading to thousands of wasted seconds every day in which the afflicted individual spends time awake, but not really there, not capable of being fully engaged in his work or time with his family. These individuals are known as the Waking Dead.

To combat this dread affliction, the International Consortium of Scientists (ICS) has banded together and funded research into sleep deprivation under extreme conditions. Four teams were assembled with much fanfare, surrounded by scientists from all over the world. The first team was dispatched to the orchestra, to tackle the one-note pianist Flotsky McGrindle, whose one-note concerto "Ding Ding Ding" was known to make even the most amphetamine-laced crack monkey drift into slumber. The second team was dispatched to the peak of Mount Everest, whose extreme temperatures and threat of hypothermia threaten to invite anyone into the Cold Sleep Without End. The third team was invited to Mrs. Dronenstern's 9th grade algebra class and unfortunately passed out before the last member of the team had sat down. Such are the setbacks one must accept in the bold pursuit of Science.

The fourth research team, the most glorious of the bunch, was signed up for the Nerdery's Overnight Website Challenge. Assembled from some of the nerdiest combatants of OWC's past, Sleep-Deprivation Research Team #4 is surprisingly gifted in the sleepless and nerdly arts. They are like insomniac ninja nerds of power and wisedness. Aye, wisedness, indeed.

Sleep-Deprivation Research Team #4 is here. Please facilitate their earnest scientific endeavor with the appropriate levels of respect. No pink footie pajamas. Boba Fett helmets are encouraged, however. ... (Oh yeah, and last year at the OWC we placed in the top four as John Lennon's Miracle Sunrise Soda Shop Franchise when rocked a new site for And the year before that we made nerdy goodness producing

Support Commitment

Sleep-Deprivation Research Team #4 has made the following pledge of continued support to any nonprofit they may be paired with:

Sleep-Deprivation Research Team #4 will continue to perform its scientific responsibilities long after the experiment is complete. There will of course be followup with the nonprofit they are paired with to solidify the workings of the side-project which develops out of their their sleep-deprivation research.

Of course, this website should be launched during or shortly after the Challenge is complete. Then, three months of ongoing support will be provided, up to 10 hours per month, after the site launch.

10 of 10 Possible Members

  • Thumbnail_fivefold

    Belden Sadler / Beldonious


    QA / Strategy / UX/IA / Project Mgmt +

  • Thumbnail_rubio_avatar

    Travis Hall


    Frontend Dev / Graphic Design / UX/IA / Copywriting +

  • Thumbnail_308538_813096351613_38203837_39214913_1731984_n

    timothy embretson / @t_embretson


    Graphic Design / Strategy / UX/IA / Frontend Dev +

  • Thumbnail_348801-170979-spider-jerusalem_super

    Shawn Grigson


    Strategy / Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / Copywriting +

  • Thumbnail_lime-cat

    Chris Hentges / chrishentges


    Strategy / Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / QA +

  • Thumbnail_kanye

    Dan Sundquist / dmsundquist


    QA / Strategy / Project Mgmt / Copywriting +

  • Thumbnail_nate

    Nathan Uri


    QA / Strategy / Frontend Dev / Copywriting +

  • Thumbnail_avatar

    Robbie Manalo


    Strategy / Backend Dev / Frontend Dev / UX/IA +

  • Thumbnail_tebow-wept-small

    John Kyllonen / @catlikethief15


    Frontend Dev / UX/IA / Copywriting / Graphic Design +

  • Thumbnail_screen%20shot%202012-01-24%20at%2010.35.33%20pm

    Alicia Cermak


    QA / Backend Dev / Strategy / Copywriting +

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